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03rd Mar, 2015
Time: 12:30 am GMT

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El Portero (The Goalkeeper)
Set in post World War II, a retired goal keeper from Real Madrid goes from town to town to earn money by stopping penalties. He meets a villager with whom he falls for, and the villager is linked to the rebels against the Guardia Police (Military Police).
Fever Pitch (1997)
A relationship between a football fanatic (a man), a football non-fanatic (a woman) and a football team (Arsenal).
Football Agents (Tentative Title)
Two South African teenagers move to Europe in hopes of footballing glory. They are accompanied by a footballing agent, who is not necessarily after the best interests of his clients and wishes to sell him to the highest bidder.
A Latino teenager from East LA tries to make it big into Europe (Newcastle United and Real Madrid), starting out in the Premier League and eventually trying to qualify for the US (or Argentinian) national squad.
Goal! 2 (Tentative Title)
Our star player moves on from England to Spain and plays for Real Madrid
Goal! 3 (Tentative Title)
Our star player plays in the World Cup representing his country
Manchester United Ruined My Life
A Jewish boy growing up under the shadows of Manchester United in the 50s to 60s.
Maradona (tentative title)
A film about Maradona and his career
Mean Machine
A former England captain, Danny Meahan, is jailed for drunken driving and assaulting an officer. While in prison, he teams up with cons and tries to create a team to play against the officers.
Merry Christmas
Based on a true life event in World War I, where the British and German soldiers stopped fighting to play a game of football.
Shaolin Soccer (Siu lam juk kau)
Six shaolin "soccer" martial artists join together to form a football team to win the local championship.
The Football Factory
Middle England, football violence and male culture involving Tommy Johnson a bored twenty something who lives for the weekend, casual sex, watered down lager, heavily cut drugs…. and hooliganism.
The Goal
"The Goal" follows a young man who escapes Rio's hillside slums and becomes the top football player in the world.
POWs in a Nazi camp get an oppurtunity to play against the German national team. They must choose if this is an oppurtunity to escape, or to show that they are better than what is considered as one of the best teams in the world.
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